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Meal Delivery - Canberra-Region & Southern NSW

Restaurant-Quality Meals you don't need to leave home for

We're Local!

We're a small, local Canberra business, offering meals via home delivery and sold through our retailers.

Canberra-Region Home Delivery - Every Tuesday & Thursday
Southern NSW Delivery -
See here

Why We're Different

If you want real food instead of mass-produced factory meals made to a budget -

Dinner's Ready is your answer.

Our Passion

Is tasty, healthy, real food. We really enjoy eating good food, and would like you to too! To achieve that real home-cooked flavour and quality our chefs cook everything by hand, exactly like you would at home. And each has their own speciality - casseroles, curries, pasta, comfort food, soothing desserts. They've done the cooking so you don't have to. All you have to do is heat and eat.

Our Food

It's all hand-cooked using only the best real-food produce - not the food-substitutes and chemicals that are used in the processed meals made by manufacturers. And it's nutritious with a high protein content. (Our Butter Chicken is 66% pure chicken - some supermarket meals contain as low as 16%.) We snap-freeze all our meals as soon as they're made, so that all that beautiful flavour and nutrition is sealed in. (More about why we're different here.)

Our Meals

We have a big variety of hand-made meals - some are single serve, and others are to share. Here's our full menu. Plus we have meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian. And a great range of 'bundles' - selections of meals for easy home delivery

Our Customers

Who buys our meals? Anyone who loves nutritious, real-food, home-style cooking but doesn't have the time (or want) to cook it themselves. Our customers include busy workers, parents, retirees, those on home-care packages, holidaymakers, lots who work from home, plenty watching their weight or protein content, and many who just need a break. We also supply to sports groups, clubs, Government departments and corporate offices for their staff.

Our Stockists

In addition to making home deliveries our meals are also stocked in a large range of quality independent retailers around Canberra and the Snowy Mountains.

Delicious and hearty meals that, ​unlike many other pre-made meal services, ​truly taste homemade. Friendly service and convenient and efficient delivery - twice a week.
​Many thanks to Dinner’s Ready for keeping us going!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the meals you delivered to my friend.....
She was blown away and hasn’t stopped raving about how delicious the meals were.
​The entire experience from ordering to delivery was impeccable, and I would highly recommend your service. Thanks again.
I’m a chef by trade so it’s weird not to cook my own meals, but these meals are the next best thing and so much better than the other pre-made meals.
I have recommended you to a few new mum friends and I know they have ordered as well! Thanks again!
Can I say your meals are the best.
All other brands do not taste like real home-cooked meals, and yours certainly do.

Gift Voucher

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Spoil someone special with a Gift card - and make their life easier (and tastier!)

Enjoy stress-free entertaining these holidays with our meals-to-share

Enjoy stress-free entertaining these holidays with our meals-to-share

Stress-free Christmas & New Year entertaining.

Order in our Dinner's Ready meals-to-share and spend the time you've saved with your family and friends instead.

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Apple Crumble - made the traditional way

Apple Crumble - made the traditional way

Our Apple Crumble is made the traditional way - with real food ingredients.

The topping is made crumbly by mixing flour with real butter (not margarine) and then just a touch of almond meal and desiccated coconut is added. It's baked until the crumble topping goes brown, (and reheating it in the oven with make that topping go a little chewy.)

The apples underneath the crumble really are apples - not a mushy apple sauce. They have been gently cooked until they still have texture and a little bite, and still hold their shape (which you can see in the photo). They are not over sweetened so that they're a great complement to the topping.

Our Crumble is all real food. It's made with everything you'd use at home - there are no numbers, thickeners, emulsifiers or artificial flavours. Only 100% real food ingredients, just like your gran and great-gran would have used.

It comes in a generous 450g size, which easily gives 2-4 servings.
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Our new Gift Vouchers - just in time for Christmas

Our new Gift Vouchers - just in time for Christmas


Our new Dinner's Ready Gift Vouchers. Just in time for Christmas.
Choose your own design.
Choose the amount you want to spend.
Choose when you want it sent. Easy as......
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