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This week deliveries Tuesday & Thursday

NDIS & Home Care Packages

NDIS & Home Care Packages

We provide meals for those on NDIS & Home Care Packages

​We can work with your plan or home care provider so that you just pay for the ingredients - You'll pay only 30% and your provider pays 70%.

Home Care Packages

If you have an agency- or plan-managed home care package you (or your Home Care Coordinator or Plan Manager) can register your details with us by email.  You will pay only the 30%, and we will invoice your Home Care Package Provider for the remaining 70% + delivery.

NDIS & Self-Managed Funds

If you have a self-managed NDIS plan or fund, please just email us to register.  You will pay 100% upon ordering, but we will send you an invoice with the 30% / 70% split so that you can claim back the 70%.

How to get started

We just need your customer details:

  • Name
  • Delivery Address
  • Phone number
  • email (if applicable)
  • Any Client HCP/NDIS identification number (if applicable)
  • And the details of where to send the Plan/Fund Invoices
  • Who will be placing the orders (if it's not you)

How to Order

Orders can be placed one of 3 ways – whichever is easiest:


  • You can let us know which meals you’d like via email to info@dinnersready.com.au.
  • We'll draw up the 2 invoices
  • And then take payment over the phone via credit card (or it can be paid via internet transfer if preferred)


  • You can call us on 0477 197 167 to tell us what you’d like to order.
  • We'll draw up the 2 invoices
  • And then call back to take payment over the phone via credit card 

Online via our Store

  • Upon registering with us we'll give you a discount code
  • All you need to do on checking out of our online Store is to enter this discount code for the 70% discount + then ‘Free Shipping’ (so you're not charged for delivery)
  • You will pay the 30% on checkout
  • And we then send your Plan Manager the invoice for the remaining 70% (+ any delivery)

As invoices are needed, we'd appreciate receiving the order early.

We'll work with you & your Plan Manager to provide easy home delivery 

(within the Canberra Region and Southern NSW)

Just email us with any questions - info@dinnersready.com.au​

Food you want to come home to