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Best Meal Delivery Service in Canberra:

Comments about us on a recent Reddit Canberra thread

Comments about us on a recent Reddit Canberra thread


Best in the business! The food is so amazing, and the portions are great.
I will definitely recommend “Dinners Ready” to everyone who doesn’t want to cook their own meals. Yummooo!!!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the meals you delivered to my friend.....
She was blown away and hasn’t stopped raving about how delicious the meals were.
​The entire experience from ordering to delivery was impeccable, and I would highly recommend your service. Thanks again. ​

We are thankful that we are able to get delicious home cooked meals that we all love and, isn’t fast food
Delicious and hearty meals that unlike many other pre-made meal services, truly taste homemade.
Friendly service and convenient and efficient delivery - twice a week, with orders accepted by 6am the day of.
​Many thanks to Dinner’s Ready for keeping us going!"

Tonight the Thai red chicken curry (with rice and a green salad) was also much enjoyed. Thank you.
​I now have so much time to enjoy my hobbies and charity volunteering.

I just tried the lamb shank meal and can I just say it was the best frozen meal delivery service meal I've tried - and I've tried many, so thank you. 

I have used home delivered heat and eat meals occasionally in the past, but always found the flavours bland, they did not excite me.
They served a purpose, but there was a sameness about the meals.
Since I discovered your meals, it is a whole new world.
The convenience, the variety of cuisines and flavours, and everything tastes so fresh.
​It is like eating at a different international restaurant each day. ​

Thanks for such a good service! I’ve really enjoyed the meals, and it’s been perfect for my night shifts, ​and have been recommending your service to everybody I can.

I just want to say how much I am enjoying the meals. They are just so like home made and the tough choice each day is which one will I have tonight!  (Anne R)

You are not wrong about your food. Thank you so much! It’s amazing.

I got my first order yesterday after hearing good things on a cbr gluten free Facebook group. Really yum, great size too!
And as they’re frozen means I can have one a week or one a day - don’t have to worry about ‘eating them all this week’.
Might even take some to my dad..... Great meals, they taste home cooked

I was gifted a voucher for Dinner's Ready while pregnant and it was the best gift ever!
​Very tasty food, convenient and good value too. Will be re-ordering. :-)

Thanks for all the delicious food this year. We have loved every bite!
You have two very, very happy customers.

I would like to be a regular customer.  Your meals are the first time I actually feel like ordering again.  I am not subscribed to any other service as I haven’t found one to my liking yet, but your mob is worth repeating.   HK 

I can’t even begin to tell you what a help your beautiful food has been. Literally life saving!

I just wanted to say how grateful both mum and dad were - a big relief for mum, and dad was super excited going through the meals.  I've really appreciated your service and kindness  (Carrie B)

You can taste so much love in your meals =) ........ just absolutely enjoyed your Tender Lamb Shanks.
​100/10. Keep up the good work, and thank you so very much.

Love the meals! They have been a life saver with a newborn!
I have been buying your meals at ..............
​and can I say your meals are the best.
All other brands do not taste like real home-cooked meals, and yours certainly do.

Thank you! For the delivery and your kind message.
It’s such a comfort to know my mum has ready-made, balanced meals at her disposal. She’s really been enjoying them too!

Thank you. They are fabulous and have changed my life :-)

OMG guys! I'm just having the new Indian Lamb curry with Biryani rice for lunch.....
While I love all your meals, I have a new favourite!!! It's amazing!
​I have no clue how you managed to get the meat so tender. I wish we'd ordered more.... bulk order next time!

The meals are delish. Love the cottage pie. Like what l used to make.
Worth buying as you are eating “real” food. Real recognizable Ingredients . My local IGA stocks them.

Thank you! Your meals are yummy, and have got us through a tough time.

I’m a chef by trade so it’s weird not to cook my own meals, but these meals are the next best thing and so much better than the other pre-made meals.
I have recommended you to a few new mum friends and I know they have ordered as well! Thanks again!

Comment on our Gluten-Free Meals:

We've now ordered twice and LOVE the meals.
Mr Intolerant is super reactive and has never had an issue, and I quite regularly steal the meals just because they're delicious.
I'd definitely recommend them!

Having a decent "bachelor" meal to come home to after long shifts has been amazing.
​They are really very good.

I have told all my friends and family about your great food.
​I may never cook again!

I bought your mushroom ravioli dish, and it is divine !!!!!! Utterly divine !!!
​The size was blokes size, but now I know that it is 2 non-bloke size servings.

I’m about to do another order for (name withheld) in lockdown. It is such a great care package.

We loved the Cottage Pie for dinner tonight. Absolutely outstanding and delicious! Thank you!

Hubby is quite a pasta connoisseur (and he wishes we could have it every night).
We LOVED the lamb ragu. So delicious. That sauce is the best I’ve ever had.
We just sat there in silence eating it and only talking to say how much we enjoyed it! ​

I just want to tell you how absolutely amazing my meals have been this week!
Thank you so much for "Dinner's Ready". I'll be placing my order for Friday asap.

(Our order was for) a dinner party, and the guests were all foodies so I was under pressure!
But it was a hit. They all loved it!
I suspect some more business will be coming your way - certainly from us!

Thank you for your wonderful meals and quality service. I have recommended your meals to my friends....

I love the Malaysian Caramelised Pork dish on your menu.
I would be very pleased to be served it at the best Malaysian restaurant in town. The flavour is superb.
But can I also add that I love the Melt-in-your-mouth Malaysian Beef Rendang almost as much much. What a taste.
And then I discovered the Malaysian Chicken Curry - also delicious.
Take great care of your Malaysian chef - you have a winner there.

Thank you for your amazing service and meals!
​We bought xxxxxx a voucher for his birthday and he loves your meals so much.

Just had our first meals - best pasta I’ve had in years!

My work colleague has just received an order from you this week (on my recommendation).
She was raving about how great your service and meals are. I definitely agree!

Highly recommended. We started ordering about 4 weeks ago and just keep ordering!

We recently tried Dinner's Ready during some family health issues. The food was great, with quick delivery to CBR.
​Thanks guys - your lamb shanks were awesome.

Oh my gosh this satay chicken is absolutely amazing! Thanks heaps

We will be loyal customers no matter what.
Your food is 11/10 and we are always super super happy with the quality.

These guys produce seriously delicious food.
Don’t have takeaway - plan a couple of days in advance and have some slow cooked beef burgundy or shanks or Ragu.
​(Or their famous cottage pie!)

Very tasty! You can taste the quality and freshness over other frozen brands.

I bought far too few of these (Ravioli Primavera). I could easily eat these for lunch or dinner every day!
I didn't believe that I could take pasta directly from the freezer and put it straight into a microwave,
defrost it and heat it, and still have it taste good, let alone have it taste fantastic.
​How wrong I was! I would highly recommend to anyone who loves pasta.

Having lamb shanks tonight! Best bit about covid is discovering these guys

Thanks so much. The meals are fantastic!

We recently discovered your business after a friend gifted us some meals following the arrival of our newborn a few months ago.
I’m hoping that my mum will also enjoy these delicious meals and that it’ll give her a break from cooking.
And we’ll certainly be recommending Dinners Ready to our friends as well :)

During Covid comfort food is great. This Cottage Pie is a winner!

I arranged a gift voucher for my nephew at the time of the arrival of their first baby.
​The whole process was seamless, and they were thrilled with the meals!

Thank you very much, massive compliments to the chef.
Thank you for your amazing business! :-)

My first order was a meal bundle, 10 single meals. Loved it!
Fabulous down to earth & tasty meals

OMG, wow your meals are amazing!!! I will forever be your loyal customer.
The flavours and the portions are are perfect.

Easily the best 'store bought' lasagna I have ever tried - and I have tried a LOT.
​Would highly recommend to anyone who loves home cooked, or restaurant style lasagna.

I have recently had major surgery and can't cook. Yours is the third delivery service I have tried, and it is the first I am using twice
​because the meals are INFINITELY better than others I have used. Thank You!

The food is fantastic, and such a big variety.

The pasta was amazing, didn't know it was authentic and hand made!
​I really do love how convenient this is, great for office lunches

Your food is delicious. Thank you !

I really enjoyed the meals you delivered for us.
​Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to next ones :)

You were right about the Mac and cheese, it was delicious! I also really loved the new Malaysian curry.

All thumbs up. xxxxx said her family have been spoilt, and all meals have been delicious!

It’s DELICIOUS! We had the lamb shanks last night.

Your food is lovely. It tastes homemade, even better than my cooking!
Some nights I don’t have the strength to make a decent meal. Having your meals is a godsend, I know I’m having a nourishing meal.

These are the best frozen meals I have ever had. The flavours are AMAZING. Thank you.

We have loved every meal we have had. I am busy telling all my friends about you.

Thank you so much for the amazing service. It's greatly appreciated!
Please know that they are so yummy and authentic and the portions are just right.

Well done! We will certainly keep ordering from you and will definitely recommend your food to family, friends and workmates.

The Beef Cannelloni is lush. Silky, rich and filling

Thank you for the delicious meals every week :)

I love the go-to comfort dinners ... then something more exotic the next.

These dinners are fantastic! No allergy issues either!

These are really yummy meals - and my daughter thinks so too :)

Thanks for all your hard work, and for making it easy to have nutritional meals.

The chilli con carne - delicious. With just the right amount of heat. Healthy eating is the bonus.

Just wanted to let you know my mother-in-law was thrilled with her delivery!
​She had the butter chicken last night and said it was delicious.

This rendang is out of this world. And we’ve eaten a lot of rendang in our time.

We've been eating (delivered meals - name removed) for 3 months, and just tried yours. Nothing like the others.
​The flavour!! Fantastic! Keep up the good work.

Terrific! Thank you. Your meals are a lifesaver for my elderly parents!

The Butter Chicken as good as authentic Indian restaurant. Rich, sweet, depth of flavours

Good value meals - tasty and delicious. My hubby (the meat eater in the family) is enjoying the variety.

Thank you ! Your meals are yummy and have got us through a tough time.

We have often cooked beef burgundy. This was just as good. Possibly better!

Such a great service you provide, I will definitely use you guys again.

We’ve found the meals very convenient and delicious, so much so that my husband
​even purchased a gift voucher for our friends who recently became new parents.

Oh my gosh this satay chicken is absolutely amazing!
Thanks heaps!

Thank you! :) Looking forward to my yummy dinners this week

We ordered a fortnight ago - the Thai red curry was INSANE! Thank you!

Thank you for making such delicious and nourishing meals!

This is the second order I’ve made for my parents. They are both in a pickle at the moment which is making it difficult for them to cook.
​They loved the hand written note last week and the meals have been a big hit (also has taken the pressure off me and my brother).

Thank you, your food is FABULOUS!

I'm just writing to say how tasty your Ravioli Primavera has been.
I had it for dinner tonight, and found it to be just as if it had been freshly cooked on the day. It heated perfectly in the microwave.....
​I will certainly be buying more.

I made a gift to some other relatives about a month ago.
​They had just had a new baby, and they were delighted and really enjoyed your meals.

Tasted the butter chicken and Thai curry. So good!!!

Comments from the Reddit Review - Best Meal Delivery Service in Canberra (from above, in case you found it hard to read!)

  • If you're after a heat-and-eat option, check out Dinner's Ready - Used them for a while (ultimately stopped because I missed cooking for myself) - best pre-made meals I've had, by quite a large margin as well.
  • I would second this. Perfect for us with a baby. The bundles are great and you can tailor them to include your favourites. We get enough meals for the week then cook on the weekend.
  • We get Dinner’s Ready regularly. It’s a small Canberra-based business, natural ingredients, and the closest thing to restaurant quality in a frozen meal. The food has been consistently good.


​We placed an order yesterday, which was delivered this evening just before we got home from work.
We have just enjoyed a meal each and are already looking at what we’ll order next week! Thanks again.

Thank you again for being so accommodating - your service is amazing!

Your food is delicious, thank you! :)

I was sent some of your meals as a gift when I needed some help. Which is why I'm sending some to a friend now.
It's a great service you offer - thank you!

I’m enjoying the Tortelloni and Lamb Ragu and it’s delicious.
​I’m not a bad home cook, but I have no energy for it due to renovations I’m doing on my home. It's so yummy. Thanks so much.

Many thanks again for the amazing meals and easy delivery. Really appreciated.

Love the food. Look forward to these meals!

We supplied meals to a large corporation for their workers on a complex, ultra-remote 6-month project:
Thank you for all your team’s effort in supplying the meals - it all worked very well.
All the guys were extremely happy with the meals, so pass on our thanks to your team please.
If we have a similar project I will certainly be contacting you.
Thanks again - much appreciation for your efforts.

Your Tortellini dishes are incredible!

Thanks for offering such a great service !

Yum Yum Yum - finally had one of these meals during the week and I can tell you that everyone was impressed with the taste and value for money.
​Will be buying a few of these to pop in the freezer.

Thank you for last week's delicious meals.
My daughter, her husband and their two year old enjoyed them very much.

Been looking for something like this for a while.
​We've had two of your meals this week, the Malaysian curry and the beef rendang and they are bang on with flavour.

Thank you so much. Our first order was so delicious

Awesome food! We buy these every time we come to Jindabyne throughout the year.
Particularly handy during the ski season as we heat up the curries and casseroles with steamed greens at night for quicker healthier dinners.
​Planning our order for these holidays already!

Thank you for having such delicious food! :-)

What a beautiful business you have! (On finding out that we'd include a hand-written note with the meals they were sending as a gift.)

Excellent! Had our first order and will re-order soon.

I bought the fresh pasta and a sauce. All lovely thanks!
​Lasted a few meals too so good value.

The last order we had was so delicious that we had to get two lamb shanks this time!

Beautiful, delicious and at a great price.
Thanks guys!

​Oh. My. God. We've just had the chicken curry, and it was unbelievable.
​We're your new favourite customers!

Omg, yum! Beef Rendang curry was delicious & the kids loved the Italian meatballs!

We had our first meal last night – beef rendang. Just delicious – and a perfect size for the 2 of us.

The food tastes amazing!

My family is CRAZY about your bolognese sauce!

Love ur food :)

We would be stuck without these meals as xxxxxxxx has very complex dietaries - so appreciate everything you guys do!

Lamb Shanks were divine.

Quick and Easy. This place is excellent for visitors to the area and staff of the mountains.
​Meals just have to be heated. Great value for all

The pumpkin curry was yummy. The pumpkin was sweet, and the curry was Thai style - fresh and fragrant.
​The tagine was my fave. Savoury and satisfying.

Great for those boys weekends away!
At least they should be getting some good food into them!

Thanks for your delicious food! :)

Such a great idea, healthy hot food on the go!. We are camping this year so will want to avoid cooking some nights.

Best food ! A wonderful idea - thanks guys -we highly recommend calling in !

​​I had the beef and veggies the other night. Beautiful. Thank you!

Second order: I love the food! Thank you.

Thank you! Love the lamb shanks :)

Great meals for when you are tired, or time poor........ Last week my partner and I bumped into friends while we were skiing and decided to have an impromptu dinner party. I went to DInner's Ready and was able to buy everything for a three course meal. All I had to do was defrost it all, heat and eat. Sensational!!