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Why We're Different

Why We're Different


Why Our Meals Are Different

We are a small local business, not a large corporation.
We're foodies ourselves, and we care about what we serve.​
Our priority is quality and flavour - so it’s all Real Food
Everything is hand-cooked by our chefs.
Each has their own speciality so the meals are truly authentic.
We believe it’s important to have a good meal to look forward to at the end of the day and our focus is making that easy for everyone.
So we cook good, honest food. All you have to do is heat, and then eat.


​Cooked just like you would at home

Our aim is to provide you with meals that are as good as you’d cook at home – or better – if only you had the time. We use real food, cook with our hands, and allow as much time as is needed for the best results. (Our lamb shanks go on at 5 in the morning to allow them to slowly cook till they're fall-apart tender.) You'll see that some meals in the supermarkets have chicken or meat that's been cooked, and then different sauces poured on top afterwards. The meat in all our casseroles is simmered for ages in the sauce, enabling the meat to become tender and all the flavours to blend together over time. Just like you would at home.....

Premium Quality

Our main point of difference from other meals in the marketplace is that we focus on delivering real food that’s made from premium produce, and is full of flavour. Where others are usually prepared to a budget on production lines, we’ve taken the opposite tack and cooked to a quality.

Hand-Made with Care

All our meals are made by hand. In kitchens. There is not a factory or production line insight. (This includes the hand-trimming of all meat, so that only the leanest part of the meat makes it into the dish.) Our food is prepared by real chefs, who are cooking because they have a passion for what they do. They care about the food they’re giving you.

Authentic Flavours

All our meals are hand-cooked with care by chefs in small specialist kitchens so that they are truly authentic. As examples:

  • The Italian pastas are all made by hand – including the fresh pasta – by an Italian chef, using his family’s traditional recipes. (He has won 19 medals at Sydney’s Royal Fine Food Show, and 5 in Melbourne). The Lamb Ragu is simmered for hours until it is fall-apart tender.
  • The Malaysian curries are cooked to authentic recipes by our Singaporean chef
  • The Indian curries are cooked to authentic recipes by our Indian chef
  • The comfort classics are cooked by a local Aussie chef. (She starts the Lamb Shanks at 5 in the morning so they have time to slowly tenderize in the sauce.) Her husband is a butcher by trade and he hand-prepares all the meat to guarantee quality, and makes our beef sausages for us.

Quality Produce

All our meals are cooked with high quality produce and ingredients, as you would at home. We were unable to find premium sausages of a consistent quality, so ours are hand-made to contain 95% lean Australian beef, instead of the usual fillers.

Generous Contents

We are also very generous with our contents. We recently compared our ‘Butter Chicken & Rice’ with the same dish from another premium brand, selling at the same price as ours. Ours contains 66% butter chicken, of which 70% is pure, lean chicken. Theirs contained 18% chicken.

No Added Chemicals

We don't add any preservatives to our meals. We use freezing instead, which is Nature's preservative. (All our meals are snap-frozen as soon as they are cooked, and are ready to eat within minutes of reheating.) Nor do we add any flavourings, colours, fillers etc. (Whilst we don't add anything ourselves, there are small amounts of preservatives in some of the ingredients we use, such as wine, Worcestershire sauce, tinned tomatoes, just as you'd do at home. And also in the spice paste that is used for the Butter Chicken - which is the only one of our meals to use a paste.)

Classic Comfort Food

Our menu contains a lot of classic dishes that people know and love, in both single-serve sizes and meals-to-share.

Special Diets

We also have an extensive range of meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian.

We’re here to offer an alternative

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Most pre-prepared meals targeted to the mass market are sold for around $10-$12, but they are made to a budget in factories or on production lines, with resultant quality and flavour. We started our business specifically to give those with more discerning tastes an alternative. Those who appreciate our meals understand this and have told us they believe it’s worth paying a little extra to enjoy their meals. We get consistent feedback from customers telling us how much they appreciate finally being able to buy real food.

Our meals give you your time back.
Life nowadays makes us time-poor.
Our meals give you the chance to take back some of that time and enjoy the things in your life that are really important.
Now you can have great food at home without any effort, compromise or guilt. ​
Great food – without any fuss.

Food You Want To Come Home To