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Sunday Roast Beef (DF)


Roast Beef with all the trimmings

(Single Serve)
Serves 1 370g

Everyone's favourite comfort food - generous, thick slices of carefully cooked Australian beef, with roast potatoes, roast sweet potato, carrots, beans and our delicious home-made gravy. (Please note that the beef is served 'medium'.)

You can see the 4 generous, thick slices of beef in this photo. (There may be more, smaller slices in a portion, or fewer, larger slices - but the amount of beef will always be the same.)

The roast potatoes will be fluffy and soft. (If you prefer them a little crispier on the outside, just pop them in a 200 degree oven for 15 minutes - as we did for this photo.)

There's a lot of fuss attached to making a roast meal at home - buying the meat and vegetables; peeling and slicing the potatoes and sweet potatoes for roasting, then basting them from time to time; peeling and slicing the carrots and beans, and then steaming or boiling them; making your own stock, and then turning it into gravy with the pan juices. And finally all the washing up! We've done all that for you. By hand, with love and care, so that it will taste just like a home-made dinner. All the flavour, all the comfort - without all the fuss.

Roast beef (36%), potato (21%), sweet potato, carrot, beans, gravy (oil, flour, veal jus, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, canola oil)

Heating Instructions: (times may vary depending upon microwave oven)
From frozen: Lift corner of lid. Heat for 4-5 minutes in microwave, stirring twice
From thawed: Lift corner of lid. Heat for 2-3 minutes in microwave, stirring once