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Traditional Apple Crumble

Traditional Apple Crumble

Our Apple Crumble is made the traditional way - with real food ingredients.

The topping is made crumbly by mixing flour with real butter (not margarine) and then just a touch of almond meal and desiccated coconut is added. It's baked until the crumble topping goes brown, (and reheating it in the oven with make that topping go a little chewy.)

The apples underneath the crumble really are apples - not a mushy apple sauce. They have been gently cooked until they still have texture and a little bite, and still hold their shape (which you can see in the photo). They are not over sweetened so that they're a great complement to the topping.

Our Crumble is all real food. It's made with everything you'd use at home - there are no numbers, thickeners, emulsifiers or artificial flavours. Only 100% real food ingredients, just like your gran and great-gran would have used.

It comes in a generous 450g size, which easily gives 2-4 servings.



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