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How to make dinner easy.....

How to make dinner easy.....

HOW TO MAKE DINNER EASY THIS WEEK: Take the stress out of dinner, save time on all the planning, shopping and cooking – and give yourself a break at the end of a hard winter’s day. By stocking up on meals for the week ahead, you can simply go home, put your feet up and delegate all the work to your oven, or microwave.

Whether you’re too busy, too tired, or just don’t want to cook, Dinner’s Ready in Jindabyne can make life much easier. We have a large range of super-tasty, nutritious meals that are cooked by chefs in top-quality kitchens, using REAL food. Drop into Dinner’s Ready and get your evenings back.

See our full menu, or go to our FB page: www.facebook.com/yourdinnersready