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Hand-made real-food desserts

Hand-made real-food desserts

Our Sticky Toffee Pudding​ is the ultimate dessert: soft, moist, chewy pudding soaked in warm, flowing butterscotch - with enough sauce to spill over onto the plate and mix with your ice cream.

And it's made with only real food: flour, eggs, butter, brown sugar, dates, and cream. (We couldn't believe that most of the desserts we found in supermarkets are made not with butter, but with margarine!)

Also there are no numbers, thickeners, emulsifiers or artificial flavours. Only 100% real food ingredients, just like your gran and great-gran would have used. ​

The pudding comes in a generous 350g size, which easily gives 2-4 servings. The serving shown in the photo above is 1/4 of the pudding with a side of ice cream.