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Authentic Flavours in our new Indian Vegetable Curry

Authentic Flavours in our new Indian Vegetable Curry

This dish gives you all the warming spices of India with the freshness and lightness of vegetables.

This vegetarian dish has truly authentic flavour as it's been made with individual spices, giving real depth to the curry. ​The spices reveal themselves layer by layer, and the heat (medium) slowly creeps up on you until until it warms the back of your throat.

The spices are full and rounded and mature (avoiding all the sharpness and rawness you get in some manufactured curry dishes).

Cauliflower, sweet potato, tomato, green beans, onion, chickpeas and red lentils are gently cooked in Indian spices until all the flavours blend into one cohesive, flavour-filled, warming dish.

Available in two sizes: The single serve is accompanied by buttery Pea Pilau Rice, and is gluten-free and vegetarian. The meal-to-share size serves 2-3 people (just add your own basmati rice and pappadam) is gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free.

It's the perfect dish to add to our Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Biryani to make a cosy comforting Indian night in.