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Meatballs in Italian-Style Tomato Sauce


Classic - beef, tomatoes and herbs

Pure, premium beef mince and a hearty Italian-style tomato sauce make these meatballs a real crowd-pleaser.

Serves 2 550g ​

The secret to a perfect meatball dish is time and love. Our meatballs are seasoned and prepared with quality Aussie beef mince by our ‘comfort food chef’ and then simmered in the customary Italian way, using beautiful market fresh herbs and quality tomatoes, to produce a luscious, full-flavoured sauce. Perfect for adults and kids alike. Serve with spaghetti, rice or polenta.


Australian Lean beef mince, Tomato Puree, Tomato, Water, Onions, Breadcrumbs* (preservative free), Red wine, Eggs, Tomato paste, Vegetable oil, Garlic, Sugar, Thyme, Salt , Rosemary, Oregano, Pepper.

Allergen Notice: This product contains eggs and gluten. May contain traces of nuts, seeds and dairy

*As of Nov 23:  We're having a temporary issue with the supply of our breadcrumbs.  The substitute breadcrumbs contain both wheat and soy flour.  We're investigating how to replace these with a GF alternative asap.