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Garlic Naan


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A soft and fluffy Indian bread, with a slight chewiness, that’s infused with the flavour of garlic. Perfect for dipping into curry, or scooping it up.

A truly authentic dish straight from the kitchen of our new Indian Chef.

Spice Level: Mild

Serving Size: 280 g Pack of 3 – to share (or not!)


Wheat flour, yeast, oil, garlic, salt

Heating Instructions – 3 methods:

  • Microwave: Put naan onto a microwave-safe plate. Sprinkle with a little water and cover with baking paper. Add others on top and do the same to each one – so that you have layers interleaved with baking paper. Cook for 30 seconds on medium-high. Check the temperature is to your liking – and then either repeat or serve.
  • Oven: Preheat oven to 220 degrees C. Remove the frozen naan from packing and place them directly onto the oven rack in a single layer (or on a baking sheet). Heat for 3-4 minutes, or until it’s soft, heated through, with slightly crispy edges.
  • Stove Top: From defrosted - preheat a skillet (preferably cast iron). Add a little oil or butter, just enough to grease the bottom. Place one naan bread at a time in the pan and cook for about 30 seconds each side, until it’s warmed through.

Potential Allergens:

This dish contains wheat and gluten
Produced in a kitchen that also handles soy, fish, nuts & crustaceans