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Deliveries around Canberra every Tuesday & Thursday

Full Week Bundle


7 Hand-Cooked Dinners (Each for 2 People)

Meals included are*:

Beef Stroganoff  (GF)
Teriyaki Chicken (DF)
Butter Chicken Curry (GF)
Chicken Korma (GF)
Satay Chicken (GF DF)
Beef Cannelloni   &   Classic Cottage Pie (GF)

If you would prefer to substitute some of these meals for others you can - as long as they are in the same price category, ie:

Category A) Choose 5 meals from the following:
Beef Burgundy,  Satay Chicken,  

Beef Stroganoff  
Butter Chicken, Chilli con Carne
Italian Meatballs,  Teriyaki Chicken
Malaysian Chicken Curry, Malaysian Beef Rendang

Category B) Choose 2 meals from the following:
Classic Cottage Pie
Beef Lasagna, Beef Cannelloni
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni

Please let us know which meals you'd like in the 'Comments' box as you check out.  When substituting meals, please check the meals you'd like on the Store page to make sure that they haven't sold out.  

See individual meals for more details on each.......

(*Dishes may need to be substituted if they become temporarily unavailable)