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Classic Beef Burgundy (DF)


Classic French: Beef wine onions mushies

Premium Aussie beef slowly braised with red wine (Burgundy) along with beef stock, garlic, onions, mushrooms and herbs.

Serves 2 550g
Dairy Free

Bring a touch of France to the end of your day

This delicious dish originates from France, in the regional province of Bourgogne, where it is known as Boeuf Bourguignon. It is one of the better-known French dishes and is often referred to as Beef Burgundy.

Pasture-fed beef is slowly braised traditionally with red wine (Burgundy) along with the rich flavours of our chef's own home-made beef stock, ham hock, garlic, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and herbs.

As a meal served with mash potato, beans (French, of course!) and steamed carrots, it is a definite heart warmer - and a wonderful meal to come home to.

(This is also available in a single serve size - served with creamy mash, carrots and beans.)

Australian Beef, Red wine, Speck, Mushroom, Onions, Tomatoes crushed, Tomato puree, Plain flour, Vegetable oil, Garlic, Salt, Bay leaves, Maize starch, premium beef stock.

This product may contain traces of gluten, nuts, seeds, eggs. The speck will contain preservatives.

Heating Instructions:
This Burgundy can be reheated in the microwave from frozen. However, when we eat these we find that for absolutely best results - ie to keep the beef at its most tender - it's best to gradually defrost it in the fridge (overnight or during the day) and then quickly heat it up in the microwave once its defrosted. Warning:  The beef has been cooked till tender. Please be gentle with it!  If you overheat or blast this meal in the microwave the beef will unfortunately go tough.  

(General guidelines, but they are dependent upon the power of your microwave)
Open lid, and place container on a plate to heat in microwave.
From frozen: Lift lid, heat for 2-3 minutes in microwave, stir, heat again. Let stand for 2 minutes
From thawed: Lift lid, heat for 1-2 minutes in microwave, stir, heat again.Let stand for 2 minutes