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Beef Lasagna


A deep and rich lasagna.  Authentically made with a hearty beef sauce and creamy béchamel, then topped with beautifully browning Mozarella and aged Grana Padano

800g Serves 2-3

A deep and rich Lasagna, made with a hearty beef sauce and creamy béchamel - topped off with Mozarella and Grana Padano that browns perfectly.

A really good lasagna is a very hard thing to find. It took us ages to come up with one this good. Hearty beef lasagna is made from layers of silky and al dente fresh pasta, interleaved with creamy Béchamel & Bolognese Sauce, and then topped with premium grated Parmesan & Mozzarella.

All made by our Italian chef - including the pasta, which is made by hand every day.


Pasta: Durum semolina (wheat), eggs, water salt
Sauce: Beef mince, water, tomato paste, peeled tomato, textured vegetable protein, olive oil, onion, celery, carrots, beef stock, salt, garlic, corn flour, fresh basil, fresh parsley, mixed herbs, pepper. Bechamel: full cream milk, flour, butter, salt, nutmeg, pepper Cheese: Mozzarella, aged Grana Padano ​

Allergen Notice: Contains gluten

Please note that this dish needs cooking - allow approximately 40 minutes in the oven
- do not put in the microwave due to aluminium container