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All Day Breakfast


Single Serve made with premium ingredients
Single Serve - portion for one

Now you can have breakfast whenever you want - without any fuss, pots, pans or washing up. It's a truly delicious, filling, nourishing dish that you can really look forward to (any time of the day)

Our All Day Big Breakfast is real food, made with premium ingredients:

Our scrambled eggs are exactly that - pure eggs with a little cream and salt - just like you would cook at home. (No powders, substitutes preservatives or any other shortcuts or additives.)

Our chicken & thyme chipolatas are gourmet sausages made by the Black Forest Smokehouse in Sydney. They contain 88% pure white chicken meat (no offal or other scraps)

Our Sautéed potatoes are just that - real potatoes tossed in a pan with a little onion - (Not hash browns made with instant potato mix) We've added baked beans and couple of slices of crispy bacon to make the perfect start to your day.

Our chef who cooks this used to be in charge of the breakfasts on the QE2, so he knows his way around bacon and eggs!

Breakfast just like you'd cook for yourself - without the fuss


Scrambled Eggs: Eggs, cream salt
Baked Beans: Pea beans, water, tomato paste, sugar, corn starch, white wine vinegar, seal salt, onion powder, garlic powder, acidity regulator (citric acid)
Chicken & Thyme Chipolata: Chicken (88%), soy, milk, salt, mineral salt (451), thyme, spices, sodium metabisulphite (223) water
Bacon: Pork, salt, sugar, antioxidant, mineral salts (451), sodium nitrite, spices, water)
Potato: potato, onion, salt, pepper, parsley

GLUTEN: Please note that this dish contains no gluten. However the baked beans and bacon have been prepared in a kitchen where meals containing gluten are also made, so we cannot label it as gluten-free

Allergen Warning:

Contains Eggs, Dairy, Soy

Heating Instructions:

Please note that times might vary according to individual microwaves
In the microwave: Microwave for 4-5 minutes. Allow to stand for 1-2 minutes before eating.