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New Dish - Malaysian Beef Curry

New Dish - Malaysian Beef Curry

Our new Malaysian Beef Curry is proving to be a winner! This dish is medium-spicy and packed full of lean beef.

We've used strips of lean, prime Aussie Beef and slowly braised them with tomatoes, onions and our chef's own authentic mix of fully-flavoured Malaysian curry spices.

The chillies, ginger, paprika, cumin, coriander, turmeric and garlic combine to make a delicious, aromatic, warming curry sauce. Because we've used individual spices (and not a commercial spice mix) it's possible to taste them all, layer by layer as you eat.

This delicious curry can be finished with fresh coriander and jasmine or brown rice. Or, if you're looking for a touch of green you could some steamed Asian vegetables, such as bok choy. ​

Available at most of our stockists, and through our online store.