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May 25th, 2022

May 25th, 2022

Our new Authentic Indian Curry - Lamb with Basmati Rice.

This dish is an explosion of Indian flavour, colour and aroma. It gives the real warmth and depth of Indian curries without being too spice-hot.

In this recipe the meat is cooked separately from the rice, in the traditional "pakkii" (Hindi for "cooked") method. Lamb is tossed in the pan with Indian spices plus cinnamon, lemongrass and tamarind. Coconut milk is then added and the curry is gently simmered till fall-apart tender (which you can see from the photo). It's served with perfectly cooked fluffy grains of scented basmati rice that have been infused with the flavour of even more Indian spices and herbs, including Turmeric, which gives it its wonderful colour. We've added some green beans for even more colour, texture, and a dose of extra nutrition.