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Vegetarian Cottage Pie (V GF)


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Herbs and spices and a creamy mash crust

Vegetarian Cottage Pie with herbs and spices, and finished off with a creamy mash crust. Unbelievably tasty and very more-ish

Serves 2-3 800g
Vegetarian, Gluten Free

Originating from family farm kitchens in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Cottage Pie has been adopted as an Aussie favourite for generations. Our chefs have now adapted this classic into a surprisingly delicious vego version, with a hint of chilli, so that it can also be enjoyed by those eating a plant-based diet.

A meal in itself on it’s own - or simply add a side of fresh green peas. To get a crispy brown topping, just brush with butter and place under the grill for a few minutes.

Veggie con Carne: (53%) - Vegetable stock (Water, sea salt, maize maltodextrin, sugar, dehydrated vegetables - cabbage, onion, garlic, celery, spinach - Yeast extract, rice flour, natural vegetable flavours, disodium guanylate and insinuate, sunflower oil, chilli) Red Kidney Beans , Crushed Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Carrots, Red Capsicum, Onion, Zucchini, Celery, Canellini Beans, Lentils, Red Wine, Salt, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Chilli, Cumin, Parsley, Rosemary, Bayleaf, Salt and Maize Flour.
Creamy Mash:
(47%) - Potato, Milk, Cream, Butter, Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg

Please note this dish is one of only 2 that uses a pre-prepared mix. (All others are made from scratch from the base herbs and spices.)

Allergen Notice: This dish contains Milk, Cream & Butter

Heating Instructions:
(need to be reheated in the oven - do not put in the microwave due to aluminium container)
Ideally from thawed - in the fridge: Place in preheated oven - 180 degrees C - for approx 20-25 minutes.
From frozen: Place in preheated oven - 180 degrees C - for approx 30-40 minutes.

​Individual ingredients - such as coconut cream/milk, tomato paste, spice mixes, sauces (tabasco, etc) - may also contain their own preservatives/additives, although in very small amounts in proportion to the cooked dish.