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SS Tender Osso Bucco with Vegetable Sauce & Mash (GF)


Slowly braised in vegetable sauce till fall-apart tender

​Serves 1 - 500g

Serve up this mouth-watering Osso Bucco with vegetable sauce and creamy mash for dinner this week!
Home-style cooked veal and vegetable sauce combine to make a perfect meal. ​

Like our Lamb Shanks and Vegetable sauce. this Veal Osso Bucco is hard to resist.  In this single serve dish, a prime Aussie veal shank is gently cooked until it is fall-apart tender and braised slowly with beef stock and red wine in our chef's own special vegetable sauce. The end result is full of flavour.

The rich and robust sauce is slow cooked with vegetables and seasoned with fresh rosemary, bay leaves, thyme and mixed herbs. The veal shank is served with creamy mash. Plenty enough for a great meal for one, but you can always add your own carrots, beans, or other vegetables to add a little bit extra if you wish.

Australian veal shank; Our own premium vegetable sauce:  Beef Stock  (beef bones, water, onion, carrots, celery, red wine, tomato paste, canola & olive oil garlic, thyme, peppercorns, bayleaves),  Celery, Crushed Tomato, Tomato Puree, Carrots, Onion, Red wine, Olive oil, Sugar, Rosemary, Thyme, Salt, Bay leaves, garlic    Mashed Potato: Potato, milk ,cream, butter, salt,pepper and nutmeg

Heating Instructions:

The veal has been cooked till tender. Please be gentle with it!  If you overheat or blast this meal in the microwave the meat will unfortunately go tough.

This Osso Bucco can be reheated in the microwave from frozen. However, when we eat these we find that for absolutely best results - ie to keep them at their most tender - it's best to gradually defrost them in the fridge overnight, and then quickly heat them up in the microwave once they've defrosted.
From Frozen:  Open lid, and place container on a plate to heat in microwave.  Heat for 8-10 minutes in microwave, stirring/rearringing food twice so that the middle of the meal heats.  Heat in slow increments until hot.
From Thawed: Heat for 4-5 minutes on high, stir, then heat for another 2 minutes, or until contents are hot. Let stand for 2 minutes before serving.
As the heating capacity of individual microwave ovens varies so much, heating temperatures and times are a guide only.

This dish contains Milk, Cream & Butter.
May contain traces of nuts, seeds and eggs, as cooked in a kitchen that uses those products